pHresh Technologies offers any business operating in the
food manufacturing, processing, and service industry easy  to utilize,
reliable solutions to  food-born illness, food safety, and self life

Through the use of pHresh products containing acidic calcium
sulfate, either by itself or in combination with other   technologies,
your plant, your products, or your kitchen table can be made safer for
your customers and their families.

What is pHresh? In short, pHresh is a liquid acidifer that
imparts little to no taste acidic taste or smell to the product.

pHresh products can be used in a wide range of products from
juices and wines, fruits and vegetables, baked products and pasta's,
dried and soft-moist petfoods, and many others.  Additionally, we
offer products to assist in plant cleaning operations that have been
found to be extremely effective in eliminating some of the most
dangerous bacteria found in plants.

We have the ability to customize a solution to your specific needs,
whether it be for a product or process.  Contact  us to learn more!
Salmonella is one of the most pressing issues for
food manufacturers today.  pHresh has been proven in
several challenge studies to be very effective at control
and elimination of
Salmonella entreritidis as shown in
the graph to the left.

pHresh is effective at controlling salmonella
contamination of products both on the product surface
as well as when used internally. Used correctly, pHresh
will prevent recontamination after leaving the plant
environment.  In addition to protecting the food product,
pHresh can be used on food contact surfaced to kill
salmonella and prevent recontamination from product
waste that builds up on processing equipment between
cleaning cycles

pHresh products have also proven to have similar
effects on other pathogens including
monocytogenes, Staphylococcus aureus,
Escherichia coli 0157:H7.

No matter what your application or product, pHresh
could be your answer to your food safety concerns and
protect you against the negative publicity and extreme
expense of a product recall.
Safe and Approved
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Salmonella Control
pHresh is a safe and approved food grade acidifier.  It is a food acid made from GRAS (Generally
Recognized As Safe by the FDA) ingredients and as such is legistaltively allowed in food and ingredients,
and is safe for human and animal consumption.  It is essentially an oderless, colorless, and tasteless
food acid and can be held in the hand
without harming skin. . .even though its pH is less than 1.0!